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research : Sari, Sulhizah Wulan; Adhi, Sukmono Bayu;

This research discussed the taste of Peranakans Tionghoa in listening to Indonesian and Chinese music and its relation to cultural identity. The hist

research : Hastuti, Dwi Puji;

This research aims to determine: 1)Influence of reading ability and vocabulary mastery together on writing skills descriptive text. 2)Influence of r

research : Sri, Mulyati M.Pd;

The writer analysis five poems by William Blake. The poems are as follows: "Ah sunflower", "The Sick Rose", "A Poison Tree", The Lamb ", and" London

research : Mulyati, Sri;

This study is a survey research. The aims are to find and analyze empirically the effects of vocabulary and grammar mastery toward students’s Englis

research : Siagian, Ade Onny;

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui apakah penempatan produk berpengaruh positif terhadap kesadaran merek, apakah penempatan produk berpengaruh