ANALISIS SEMIOTIKA KONSEP DIRI PADA FILM PENDEK “CHANGED” (Studi Semiotika pada Film Changed, Nominasi Film Pendek Terbaik Broadcasting Award 2018

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Short film “Changed” tells of a man named Leo who is not confident, he is supported in a woman's soul so that he behaves and looks like a woman. He did everything he could to have an ideal and perfect body. This short film gives a message that has certain meanings, including the self-concept of the character. The message is visible on the sign that is on the scene and dialog in the image. The author in this study used a qualitative method with the assessment of semiotic analysis from Charles Sanders Peirce. In this study we will look for answers to the question of how to self-concept in the search for the identity of the character through verbal and nonverbal messages. The results of the overall research come to our picture and self-assessment of the character's secret that is trapped in a woman's body image, the ideal of the body as a woman, her role as a woman and her identity known as a woman trapped in a man's body

Kata Kunci: Film Pendek, semiotika, Charles Sanders Pierce, Konsep diri


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