The Method Of Stochastic Approach Algorithm For Problem Solving Of Feature Selection Technique

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The opinion from people can be adopted as important piece of information for most of the management during the decision-making process. The Internet and social media provide a major source of information about people’s opinions. Due to the rapidly-growing number of online documents, it becomes both timeconsuming and hard to obtain and analyze the desired opinionated information. The exploding growth in the Internet users is one of the main reasons that a method called sentiment analysis can help in extracting information about the opinion of people to classifies whether the opinion is positive or negative. One of the approaches in solving the sentiment analysis is feature selection method. However this technique contains a combinatorial behaviour and the analysis of the huge data can experience uncertainty parameter. This paper proposes a stochastic programming approach for solving the feature selection technique in order to obtain a decision from sentiment analysis

Kata Kunci: Sentiment Analysis, Feature Selection, Machine Learning, Stochastic Programming