Pengembangan Strategi Belajar dan Pembelajaran Menggunakan Model Multimedia Interaktif (Sebuah Tinjauan)

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Abstract The ability to formulate a plan of action learning and learning as well as the use of 
methods and utilization of various resources/media in learning aimed at achieving the 
maximum in an education. This means that in the drafting of a new strategy to the learning 
process of preparing an action plan to achieve specific goals, learning strategies must be 
directed to facilitate the achievement of competencies in the curriculum document has been 
designed so that each individual is able to become independent lifelong learners, and which 
in their turn an essential component to realize a learning society. The process of teaching 
and learning can not be separated from the support of a media in this media-based 
interactive multimedia. Utilization of interactive media is used as a means to deliver material 
for a teacher to the learner.

Kata Kunci: Multimedia Interaktif

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