Translation Procedure Used in Translating Banking Term in Legal Documents of BCA

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Abstract - Banking terminology is specialized language which is quite distinct from the translation of general texts. Specialized translation is meant to improve the communication among experts of a domain and to contribute to the distribution of knowledge across language boundaries. In this research the writer tried to use banking document as the corpus in finding banking terminology. The main focus was the translation of banking terminology in Financial Review of BCA into Indonesian, translated by Anang Fachruddin, a sworn translator having its official address in Kalibata. This document is selected to be the subject of this corpus, since there is a number of banking terminology found there. Conducted as a descriptive analytical study, this research was aimed (1) Identifying the procedures applied in translating banking terminology in legal documents, and (2) to find out to what extent the use of procedure effect the meaning. The writer chooses Newmark theory of translation procedure since it contains more detail information and explanation. From the total number of 98 terminologies occurred in Financial Review of BCA, the writer only found ten out of eighteen procedures of Newmark applied in translating banking terminology in legal document. The procedures are; (1) Literal Translation (34.02%), (2) Transference (26.5%), (3) Naturalization (8.1%), (4) Functional Equivalent (3.0%), (5) Descriptive Equivalent (10.2%), (6) Synonym (3.0%), (7) Shift or Transposition (4.0%), (8) Reduction and Expansion (5.1%), (9) Equivalence and Adaptation (1.0%), (10) Couplets (2.0%). Overall, the Indonesian translated version of banking terminologies did not changed the meaning of the source text.



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