Analisa Strategi Promosi Produk Dalam New Wave Marketing.

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Sales promotion as a means of communication are becoming increasingly expensive, vertical, one to many, and declining confidence. Promotion of integration, which increasingly requires the manufacturer or brand owner, but balanced with reasonable investments (value). The company began looking for opportunities in the following line is expected to lead to tangible results, but may still be on the verge of adequate investment and relying on rumors of low budget high impact. In an era of new wave promotion activities gradually combined with the media, which is more credible, the media, which are horizontal and many-to-many and created the most effective media is a consumer itself. Promotions that are vertical to get a serious challenge from a horizontal media, such as social networking media, media mailing lists, blogs, tweets, and others. Although the role of vertical communication media are considered important but more and more expensive, increasingly do not believe along with easy access to information so that more effective and efficient rather than the days to come. To win the competition in the communications, no longer uses a large budget, but now how you can win the hearts of the people believed to want to side with us so it will be a messenger of products and services sold. This study aims to assess how big a paradigm shift in marketing that characterized the era of new wave of marketing to improve the quality of product promotion activities.

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