- Whatsapp Goes to Classroom: Using Whatsapp to foster Students’ Speaking Skill in Speech

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Language learning by using technology has a great impact to improve language skills due to teenagers have close relationship with social network. Social network has opened up new opportunities of interaction and collaboration between teachers and learners. One of trends using social networking is WhatsApp.  WhatsApp offers various features including audio and video enable the users to take benefit for learning. WhatsApp is not only sending text message but files and message broadcasting. Even with WhatsApp, the learning and information sharing happen at the comfort when students are bad especially in Speaking Skill on Speech Subject. Students often feel not comfortable when they are delivering speech in front of many people due to some of them  are not accostomed to speak on stage. In this case, they can begin to show their performance in speech by using whatsApp through WhatsApp group. In addition it can save teacher’s time in assesment. This article aims to study the use of WhatsApp in English language classroom to optimize the function of the mobile phone for students’ speech. It can be said that the integration of WhatsApp into their education will be easy, fun, and useful.

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