Residence Selection in Banyumas District by Using Analytical Hierarchy Process Case Study: North and South Purwokerto Area


Abstract. The need for a house continues to increase. It can be seen from the calculation
data of resettlement needs in Banyumas district in 2013 of 64,236 homes. This study
aims to determine of residence choice along with the criteria of the highest priority,
which focused on 6 criteria that are type, facility, location, environment, security, and
price in order to support the regulation of spatial and territorial layout plan of Banyumas
District by using Analytical Hierarchy Process with 6 residence samples: Griya Satria
Bukit Permata, Griya Kedungrandu Regency, Green Kanaya, Grand Satria Wiradadi II,
and Griya Karang Indah The result shows that the residence type criteria have the highest
weight of (0.358), and the highest residence priority is Griya Satria Bukit Permata
residence with the value of 0.416.

Kata Kunci: analytical hierarchy process, residence selection, criteria, alternative.


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