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In the world of keris, especially the Java’s keris has a variety of f orms and types that can be classified based on dhapur, pamor and tangguh.  Indonesian society has much to forget the original culture of Nusantara, especially local culture. There are fewer a keris expert who really mastered or understood correctly the ins and outs of  the Java’s keris. With the collaboration of  the latest technology in the  form of application  identification Java's tosan aji is expected to restore the love of local culture and Indonesia and more and more people know the type of keris owned Nusantara especially Java. The purpose of the research is to produce an expert system application that can replace an expert in determining the type of keris Java based on dhapur so that it can facilitate the society to recognize the keris, at least their own keris. This research uses forward chaining method to apply expert system and the system can identify dhapur of keris according to the input of the user. 

Kata Kunci: Forward Chaining, dhapur keris, Java, Expert System


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