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Riska Al Viera (31130160), Struggle Analysis of “Zootopia” Movie Directed Byron Howard.


The movie has a lot of aspects, the writer finally takes a prominent aspect in this movie, it is motivation of struggle aspect that will be discussed in order to fulfill the requirement for diploma III (D.III). The method taken is descriptive quality method, that is used to arrange this paper. The writer makes some steps: watching the movie several times, finding the prominent aspect, observing analyzing in this paper, and finally make a conclusion. The animated film is titled "ZOOTOPIA" which revolves around the struggle of a rabbit who wants to be a cop Zootopia. The struggle to become the first police rabbit who became a police officer is not easy. The main actor teaches that as living beings we must confidences and believe that all we want will be achieved if we struggle and learn earnestly.

Kata Kunci: Struggle, Main Character, Struggle Internal, Struggle External.


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