Management Information Systems Doctorate Program of Educational Management (DOCPEM)

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This research on the application of management information systems (MIS) in the doctorate program of educational management (DOCPEM) at the State University of Jakarta, is aimed to measure how to handle problems by designing the information systems that can solve the problems faced by the students, lecturers, and study program coordinators. In this case, the higher education capability to provide the best service needed by the internal and external customer (students, lecturers and study program coordinators). This study uses the research and development approach with the Systems Development Life Cycle model (SDLC), consisting of three phases, namely; definition phase (feasibility analysis, and requirements), construction phase (system design, system building and system testing), and implementation phase (installation, operations, and maintenance). The results of this management information systems (MIS) of DOCPEM are: 1) the information system using cloud computing application, 2) the information technology employing tools online form generator tools, digital signage application, office application, remote viewer and RSS Feeder, and 3) the DOCPEM built into a complete application which is needed by the students, administrator, stakeholders and public.

Kata Kunci: Management information systems , Information technology , Cloud computing , Education , Generators , Medical services


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