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The development of information technology is very influential on the world of business,namely the conventional switching to modern. The development of the Internet, especially online network brings enormous impact, ranging from social, cultural, political, legal to business. With the expected growth of the Internet economy in a particular country can be helped in this case Indonesia, because of internet users is increasing year to year so the impact on online business that is being developed at this time, which is now referred to as e-commerce. With the internet business world can be accessed from anywhere and anytime without limits and 24 hours in a day. Making it easier in this case both parties to the sale. E-commerce can help with the costs to be incurred such as the cost of building rental and other costs, and the payment any time without  having to meet face to face between the two sides because of the trust and the various facilities provided by the third party in this case the bank, vendors as well as law and legality security.

Kata Kunci: information technology e-commerce, e-commerce, internet for e-commerce

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