Widya Cipta Manajemen Arsip Elektronis Organisasi Berbasis Dynamic Base Record Menggunakan Aplikasi Canofile

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Documentation of records management is mostly done by organizations. Archival processing in a small capacity can be done by manually processing, but if an organization  is growing will cause significant problem. The need for rapid archive will complicate in search of document, due to  the large cabinet that must be read one by one up to find him and of course takes for a long time. There is a better solution is to change the concept of working form a manual process to be computerized with help of the application process is canofile. Where canofile is one of application that specifically deal with the management of computerize record processing. Canofile application in the working process should be supported by one of scanning device, a tool that has become standardized canofile the that provisions of the same  of brand, because it has been designed by user interface that has been programmed  as plug and play installation. In processing canofile has four levels of management in the form of data records in form in dynamic database that consists of Library, Cabinet, File, and Field. The concept of work is outstanding an easy to understand as designing database that support that process of addition, insertion, and deletion. So with the management whice these works canofile can handle the work dynamically with the datastore on the storage media and layout can be adjusted to the user. With help of this application so that need for information can be obtained quickly and easily, because data can be arranged in on organized manner. An electronic records management  with canofile a major concern on the quality of information and work process are highly favored, especially speed and easy. Judging from the archive-making, evidence of legality, and historical references to archive as an important document.

Kata Kunci: archive, database management, dynamic recording, canofile.


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